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Made a new song, a bit different from the sweet little tunes I posted earlier. It’s called “De Luwte”

These last few months I finally found the time and inspiration to finish a few songs of which the underpinnings have been lying around for quite some years. Drawing from this unexpected rush of inspiration I even created an entirely new one, on my birthday, in the span of an hour and a half. I […]

A new sketch-like song that was quick to execution: “Verjaardag Thuis”. You can hear my daughter in the background.

I made another song. It’s a short one, called “Huis te Landelaan”.

I finished a new song today, it’s called “Sevastopol”.

I just finished another track and called it “The Bowery”.

I revisited a song I started four years ago and finished it today. It’s called “Lindelaan”.